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Threads is adding polls and GIFs

Illustration: The Verge

Meta is going to let you make polls and insert GIFs right from the Threads post composer, the company announced on Thursday. The features are now rolling out, as CEO Mark Zuckerberg demonstrated by posting one.

Zuckerberg also made a post with a poll (which shows up in the Threads mobile apps but not on the web so far). It has three options (you can include up to four) and a timer that counts down how long users have to vote in the poll in real time, which is a nice touch. To be able to see the results of the poll, you’ll have to vote in it. If you do vote, Threads will send you a notification when the poll concludes.

To more easily share GIFs, you’ll be able to select a new GIF icon to search for GIFs from Giphy. The picker will show…

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