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TikTok’s latest feature for musicians is a glossy video series

Image: The Verge

TikTok is introducing a new way for musicians on the platform to promote their music — this time through a video series.

The series, called “Off the Record,” is produced by TikTok and features musical artists like Shakira, Charli XCX, and Meghan Trainor. The short clips are similar to series like Song Exploder or The New York Times’Diary of a Song,” where artists talk about their inspiration behind songs, the writing and recording process, and more. The videos — some of which have already gone live — are shared by artists over the course of June.

TikTok also announced a hub on the app where Off the Record videos live. Users can find the page by searching for #OfftheRecord.

“Off the Record is part of TikTok’s continued efforts to…

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