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Turtle Beach put drift-free sticks and a screen on its new $200 controller for Xbox and PC

What, you think a controller is going to cost $200 and not have gamer lights? Don’t be foolish. | Image: Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach is throwing its hat in the premium controller ring with a new $200 gamepad for Xbox and PC called the Stealth Ultra Wireless Controller, launching on December 15th. But instead of simply adding some rear buttons and hair triggers — the hallmarks of most competitive-focused gamepads — it’s also packing drift-proof Hall effect sticks and a 1.5-inch screen capable of both fine-tuning settings and getting notifications from your phone.

In addition to being Turtle Beach’s first foray into the ultra-pricey gamepad world, competing with the likes of the Xbox Elite Series 2 and Scuf controllers, it’s also the company’s first fully wireless Xbox Series X / S controller (following a trend of Microsoft slowly opening up its wireless…

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