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Venmo Groups aims to make it easier to split up and track expenses

Venmo groups debuts today and will roll out over “coming weeks.” | Image: Venmo / Crop: The Verge

Venmo has started rolling out a new “Venmo Groups” feature that aims to make it easier to organize and share common expenses with others. The company says the feature will let people track, split, and manage group expenses.

Basically, the company is appealing to anyone who has had to deal with spreadsheets or turned to other apps like Splitwise or SettleUp to manage group expenses like dinner with your friends or that big group trip to Disney World. With this new groups feature, users can do it all right in Venmo, and it’s something that probably should’ve been added a long time ago, considering the app’s sort-of social media nature.

Image: Venmo
Venmo Groups.

Like other standalone expense-sharing apps, Groups…

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