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Verizon wants to back up your entire life for $13.99 per month

Honestly? Unlimited storage is tempting. | Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge

Verizon’s cloud storage options are growing: today the company unveiled a new individual plan for its unlimited storage tier. It’s an add-on available for existing Verizon subscribers and costs $13.99 per month. It is — I’ll repeat — unlimited, so you can upload all the photos, videos, documents, PDFs, and PNGs that your heart desires, from your phone and your computer. That’s an unusual offering when most other cloud storage services come with data caps, but this is a wireless carrier after all, so it’s worth considering a couple of words of caution.

Carriers, including Verizon, often have funny definitions of “unlimited,” and there are indeed a few limitations. Individual files can’t exceed 10GB, and you can only upload 50GB per day….

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