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What to expect from Apple’s ‘Scary Fast’ Mac event

Creepy Finder has something in store for us. | Image: Apple

It looks like some new Macs are on the way. Apple is holding an online-only launch event on October 30th, where it’s expected to introduce its next big chip updates and some Macs to go along with them. Apple is calling the pre-Halloween announcement the “Scary Fast” event, and its YouTube channel playfully invites viewers to “Treat yourself.”

Almost every Apple event invitation includes a themed Apple logo that hints at what to expect. This time, the company’s event website has an animated Apple logo that morphs into the Finder icon, all but confirming some new Macs are in the cards. Meanwhile, “scary fast” seems to hint at the possibility Apple will announce brand-new M3 processors, which could debut in some updated Macs — including a…

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