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Where to order the new PlayStation 5 slim

You’re in luck if you want the new slimmer PS5 — at least, the one with a disc drive. | Photo by Antonio G. Di Benedetto / The Verge

The current generation of consoles is getting its first redesign, with Sony’s new PlayStation 5 “slim” now finally landing after its October announcement. The revised PS5 may not be all that small, but it does feature a unique detachable disc drive, two front-facing USB-C ports (instead of one USB-C and one USB-A), and expanded internal storage of 1TB. The new PS5 Digital Edition starts at $449.99 (notably, that’s $50 more than the original PS5 Digital Edition costs), while the standard PS5 with the removable disc drive included runs the same $499.99 as the prior larger model it’s replacing.

The new PS5 consoles are certainly unique, playing the same games as the original models at the same 4K graphical fidelity and offering users the…

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