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With Netflix’s live-action One Piece, the devil (fruit) was all in the details

Jeff Ward as Buggy the Clown. | Image: Netflix

You only need to take a casual glance at the new live-action One Piece adaptation to see that Netflix went all out when it came to translating Eiichiro Oda’s vision of a wild world full of pirates to the small screen. A big part of what makes the live-action One Piece work so well are the massive ship and town sets that make the show feel like it’s happening out in the real world rather than on a soundstage.

But when you look a little more closely at many of the places Luffy and his fellow straw hats find themselves in as the series progresses, it becomes clear that One Piece’s creative team poured their hearts and souls into stuffing the show with the finest details you can imagine.

Though Netflix’s One Piece is very much its own…

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