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Xiaomi dives headfirst into Wear OS with the Watch 2 Pro

The Xiaomi Watch 2 Pro makes the leap from a proprietary OS to Wear OS. | Image: Xiaomi

Xiaomi announced it’s making the jump to Wear OS for its new Watch 2 Pro. And in true Xiaomi fashion, it’s offering a surprisingly stacked set of features, including body composition analysis and dual-frequency GPS, for an attractive price: £229.99 (roughly $280) or £279.99 ($340) for the LTE version.

The big benefit of Wear OS is access to third-party apps via the Google Play Store as well as Google’s own suite of services like Wallet, Maps, and notably, Google Assistant. Previously, non-Samsung or Google smartwatches had to plod along without Assistant for months, so it’s nice to see a Wear OS watch finally launch with it. Xiaomi didn’t specify which version of Wear OS it was launching with. However, the fact that it’s powered by the…

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