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Your Asus ROG Ally could be transparent with Jsaux’s RGB backplate

Jsaux’s transparent RGB backplate for the ROG Ally. | Image: Jsaux

The latest entry in the renewed transparent gadget craze: your Asus ROG Ally handheld gaming PC. Today, lauded Steam Deck accessory maker Jsaux is taking the wraps off a $40 frosted RGB rear shell for the Asus handheld that lets you see some of its delightful innards.

It might give you a perfect look through the back, now that I see how much of that frosting blocks the red circuit boards. It probably won’t enhance your cooling like the company’s Steam Deck backplate, but that frosted surface should bathe nicely in RGB light, not to mention the five light-catching stickers you can place inside.

Image: Jsaux
That pixel alien is a sticker — not a tiny screen.

In addition to the RGB backplate, Jsaux is launching a…

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